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A Unique City Heritage Walk in Agra

A Unique Experience of Guided Walk in Agra. There Is More To Agra Than Just Taj Mahal, Experience True Legacy Of Erstwhile Capital of India With Mughal Heritage Walk.

Agra Heritage Walk: City Heritage Walk in Agra

City Heritage Walk  in Agra– There Is More To Agra Than Just Taj Mahal, Experience True Legacy Of Erstwhile Capital of India With Mughal Heritage Walk – or a fascinating glimpse into Home of Mughals, try our Bazaar Walk in old Agra City with Private Tour Guide Agra

What this tour is about: The “Agra City Heritage Walk” is a Guided Walk of one & a half hour, which is designed in consultation of prominent Historians & Academicians of Agra. The Walk traces the birth of Mughal Capital Agra or Akbarabad till its present times. Agra owes its fortunes to mighty Mughals, who declared Agra as their capital in 1565. This unknown town of little importance, on the banks of the holy river Yamuna grew, as an architectural paradise, an epitome of political activity and a buzzling trading centre under Mughals. The City which politically dominated the subcontinent under Akbar, fell into decline under his great-grandson Aurangzeb, but continued to function as a business hub even under colonial times. Today city of Agra is a kaleidoscope of India, where multiple faiths & religions harmoniously co-exist. Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims still follow ancient ways of life, celebrating festivals and fairs as they inherited from their forefathers. Agra is mix of rural & urban population wherein people have flocked into the city for their daily needs. Agra’s bazaars are flowing with pungent spices, seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, colourful fabrics, jewellery, textiles etc. allowing you to take a peek in the life of its people. The best way to enjoy the real Agra is to embark on to the “City Heritage Walk in Agra” which takes you on a live extension of life uninterrupted in Agra.

Places We will visit City Heritage Walk in Agra

The Walk begins from the gigantic Jama Maszid, only from here you can mingle in the crowds & begin to experience down town Agra, Walk & visit the Silver Lingam of Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple, proceeding into narrow lanes selling articles used for adornment of images of Gods & Goddesses, looking at Ornamental & Decorated Facades in the Spice Market of Rawat Para, the walk enters into the famous Khoya Gali of Chitti Khana. The walk proceeds into the Namak Ki Mandi, where artisans beat Gold & Silver to make Foils of Gold & Silver for medicinal use in Aurveda & come in front of Akbari Mosque to connect to the 16th Century stone paved Street of Kinari Bazaar. We will Kinari Bazaar(wedding market), Spice Market of Rawat Para(Spice Market), famous Khoya Gali of Chitti Khana, Namak Ki Mandi and Akbari Mosque. We will go past Jama Masjid, Agra’s famous Friday mosque. We will also see Silver Lingam of Mankameshwar Mahadev Temple (Hindu temple), all standing cheek-by-jowl, making up the amazing tapestry of religion in India.

At the end of your heritage Walking tour of Agra, we will take you to visit some famous antique collection of Mughal jewellery, colorful fabrics and art galleries. There you can find great collection of antique item, and can also buy souvenir as a memory of visit to Agra. After the tiring excursion of local walking tour, we will drop you back to your hotel with the lovely memories of tour.

Walking Timing: 2-3 hours depending on your interest

When: Between 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM All days of week. Prior reservation required.

What to wear: Please dress modestly and ensure you have adequate sun protection. Some religious monuments require both men and women to cover the head with a scarf or a large handkerchief. If you forget to bring these, they will lend you something, but it is better to bring your own. You have to take off your shoes at places of worship. Leather articles such as belts and handbags are not permitted in to the religious places.

Includes: Knowledgeable professional guide, personalized walk and illustrated notes. Prior reservation is mandatory. Payment in cash on the day of the City Heritage Walk in Agra.